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Renovation of office premises on the 1st floor

Sky Estate Sp. z o.o., which manages prestigious real estate facilities in the center of Warsaw, is looking for a company to renovate an office premises at Krucza 16/22 st.

The premises are located on the 1st floor without a freight elevator.

The start date is 01.09.2022, the completion date is 30.09.2022.


The scope of work is shown in the table below.

Scope of work Unit Quantity
Stripping of floor panels m2 18,2
Dusting and priming the floor m2 18,2
Purchase and installation of superstar carpet m2 18,2
Purchase and installation of pvc skirting boards mb 24,2
Making a door opening in kg pcs. 6
Installation of doors pcs. 6
Removal of the door pcs. 5
Demolition of a wall m2 17
Repair of walls after demolition m2 2
Installation of a plasterboard wall m2 70,47
Installation of door opening pcs. 4
Execution of plastering on the newly created wall m2 158,54
Priming of walls m2 1385,33
Painting the walls white m2 1449,71
Priming the ceiling m2 36
Painting the ceiling m2 36
Laying porcelain stoneware on the floor m2 9,5
Painting the stoneware on the wall m2 17,11
Removal of gumoleon m2 115
Container pcs. 2
Repairing walls after drilling for air conditioning pipes pcs. 3
Minor wall repairs pcs. 1


Removal of gumoleon m2 115
Dusting and priming the floor m2 115
Purchase and installation of superstar gray carpet m2 115
Removal of gumoleon plinths mb 110
Purchase and installation of pedestals with carpet trim mb 110


Interested companies please send offers to the following email address:

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