Not only the soul, but also the comfort of renting. What are the revitalized buildings standing out on the real estate market?

Revitalization of such a building is an adventure. It is not known what will happen. It is not known in what state the building will be, until it begins to undress (…) But these buildings have a soul and I appreciate it above all else – says Anna Bielińska, the president of Sky Estate. However, the impossible to fake charm and the fact that the place tells a story, is not the only thing that distinguishes old buildings on the real estate market

As Anna Bielińska explains, unlike modern buildings, old buildings often have a layout that is very comfortable for rent. – Rooms are arranged along corridors, which means that you can rent 10 or 15 sq m, which can not be done in newly built buildings. And such a client is just as important as the one who leases 1000m2 – says the president of Sky Estate.

Anna Bielińska participated in the Forbes debate on real estate trends.

Source: Forbes

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